Thermal Spray System: 

Arc Spray System

Wire arc spray involves two consumable metal or alloy wires. When fed into the spray gun, the twin wires which are electrically charged with opposing polarity will create arc while contacting each other at the designated position in front of the gun. The heat of the arc melts the metal wires, and the melting material is atomized by compressed air into particles and sprayed onto the surface of a substrate. The two wires are fed into the arc spray gun simultaneously at a constant rate and by this way, arc spray can carry out large area of coating operations.

Arc spray is especially suitable for providing corrosion protection to large area projects, such as offshore, wind power, steel structures, boiler tubes, and many others. Cored wire which is a hollow metal tube filled with a blend of metal, mineral, and chemical powders was introduced to arc spray application in early 1990s and brought to arc spray not only special coating effects but also broadened scope of applications.

Based on different needs and requirements of customers' applications, UCT markets two versions of arc spray system. Please click below pictures for details.

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Arc Spray System
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