Thermal Spray System: 

HVOF Spray System

HVOF means high velocity oxygen and fuel spraying technology, which is a kind of thermal spray process developed in the early 1980’s. It utilizes confined combustion and an extended nozzle to heat and accelerate the powdered coating material. Typical HVOF devices operate at hypersonic gas velocities, i.e. greater than MACH 5. The extreme velocities provide the kinetic energy which helps to produce coatings that are very dense and very well adhered in the as-sprayed condition.

HVOF coatings can be used in many industries. Any industry in need of wear or corrosion resistance, or homogeneous structures, will need HVOF coatings. These industries include aerospace, steel mill, oil & gas, paper making, packaging, agricultural, construction equipment, food processing, and many others.

Based on different needs and requirements of customers' applications, UCT markets two versions of HVOF spray system. Please click below pictures for details.

For more information about UCT's HVOF spray systems, please call us +86 10 52961188 ext. 887, toll free +86 400 818 9933, or email us: Our sales team will be there to provide technical advices and system's proposal.

HVOF Spray System
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