Thermal Spray System: 

Flame Spray System

Flame spraying is one of the thermal spray processes using the heat produced from the combustion of fuel gas (usually acetylene, propane, propylene, natural gas or hydrogen) and oxygen to melt the thermal spray materials, normally in powder, wire or ceramic rod form, to molten or soft state, which is then propelled and accelerated by compressed air onto the surface of substrate forming a functional coating overlay.

Flame spraying is one of the two commonly used thermal spray processes used to apply metallic or ceramic coating onto parts' surface used in circumstances which are less demanding or where high-quality coating is not a must. 

Flame spray technology is relatively cost effective and used to apply a wide range of ceramic and metallic coatings onto numerous component materials which are required to have excellent impact and wear resistance. Flame spray is also used to prevent corrosion of components and structures, and can also be used to re-build up the components' worn out.

Based on different needs and requirements of customers' applications, UCT markets two versions of flame spray systems as below. Please click below pictures for details.

For more information about UCT's flame spray systems, please call us +86 10 52961188 ext. 887, toll free +86 400 818 9933, or email us: Our sales team will be there to provide technical advices and system's proposal.

Flame Spray System
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