Thermal Spray System: 

Detonation Spray System

UDS-200, the detonation spray system developed by UCT is a Universal, Cumulative Pressure, High Frequency Detonation Spray System.

It is Universal due to the diverse material powders it can overlay including carbides such as tungsten carbide or chrome carbide with a variety of metallic binders; metallic alloys such as MCrAlYs; and ceramics such as alumina- or yttria-stabilized zirconia and cermets, which are available in virtually any oxide/carbide/metallic ratio desired.

It is Cumulative Pressure as it has two detonation chambers. When in spraying operation the gun will cumulate the pressure of the two chambers and creates higher impact power.

It is High Frequency as it’s detonation times is up to 50 per second, and thus increase the coating efficiency.

UDS-200 detonation spray system is equipped with UCT’s advanced UC1000 control platform to realize reliable process, optimum coating quality and maximum reproducibility, while ensuring easy and safe operation.

UDS-200 System contains detonation gun, control module, gas module, powder feeder, jam box, chiller and hoses. The UDS gun is only 12kg in weight and 750mm in length, and compared with traditional D-Gun, it is much easier to be manipulated by robot and therefore more applicable to engineering operations. It uses propane as fuel gas mixed with oxygen for detonation.   

For more information about UCT’s UDS-200 detonation spray system, please call us +86-10-52961188 ext. 887, toll free +86 400 818 9933, or email us: Our sales team will be there to provide technical advices and quotation proposal.

Detonation Spray System
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