Handling and Peripherals

Years of practices in the area of thermal spray applications makes UCT understood that the handling and peripheral components for a thermal spray system plays a very important role in the quality of coatings, and for many occasions, it’s failures are mainly caused by the unreasonable setup of the handling and peripheral components. Compared with core components which contain more technical know-hows on the design of guns, flow rates and electric controls, the handling and peripherals rely more on automation and experiences. While in this respect, UCT has profound accumulations thanks to its long time efforts in integrating domestic peripherals with foreign cores during the years when serving as Metco’s representative, and furthermore, from its daily coating service activities also come the additional wisdom on the design and particulars for the manufacturing of peripherals.

For more information about UCT's handling and peripheral systems, please call us +86 10 52961188 ext. 887, toll free +86 400 818 9933, or email us: Our sales team will be there to provide technical advices and system's proposal.

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