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In 1996, inspired by the wide range applications of thermal spraying technology and the confidence on its prospects in fast growing Chinese market, Jia Peng (Jeff Jia) founded Langqiao Surface Technology Co., Ltd. in Beijing China.

Professor Jia Yongchang, Jeff’s father, is a recognized leading scientist in the field of thermal spraying materials and the winner of Special Government Allowance of China State Council who has been focused on the development and manufacturing of thermal spraying materials, and become the first man in China in introducing the production process of flux-cored wire into the production of arc spraying wire. Professor Jia, who once also served as the sales representative of Metco in China, joined the company in 1997 after retiring from Beijing General Institute of Mining & Metallurgy (BGRIMM), and laid the foundation for the company’s thermal spraying material business, both powder and wire, by helping the company in completing the development of its production lines of arc spraying cored wires as of year 2000.

Since Year 2002, Langqiao became Sulzer Metco’s representative of China. The 10 years’ cooperation ended in 2012 not only helped Sulzer Metco becoming the indisputable market leader in China’s thermal spray industry, but also helped the company building up its own unmatched capability in systems manufacturing (including semi and fully automated flame spray, arc spray, HVOF, plasma and detonation spray system), after-sale services (installation, repair and integration), coating development, peripheral components manufacturing (turntable, lathe, XY linear manipulator, robot integration with part manipulator, automation line, spray booth, dust collector and safety loop etc.), and turnkey solutions.

Capability turned into productivity soon after 2012. Langqiao was deeply committed to the manufacturing of thermal spray peripheral components and the provision of turnkey system services at the first. While after going through years of smooth operation among China's aero customers, its own branded core thermal spray equipment were also proved to be reliable and of high quality.

In 2015, Jeff decided to incorporate all thermal spray businesses of Langqiao Surface Technology Co., Ltd. into United Coatings Technology Co., Ltd. (UCT), a coating service company established by Jeff Jia in 2009, and thereby enabling UCT to leap forward into a comprehensive thermal spray corporation that integrates systems, materials, coating services and R&D under one roof.

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