Thermal Spray

Thermal spray is an industrial process which involves the use of flame, electric arc or plasma torch to heat the feeding material (usually in powder or wire form) to the molten or near molten state. And then spray the melted particles with the help of compressed air or gas onto the target material, giving it a coating that can enhance and improve its performances.

There are many types of coating materials that can be applied by thermal spray processes. And the thickness of the resulted coatings can range from several microns to several millimeters with those most commonly seen between 0.25 to 0.3 millimeters. Thermal spray coatings have been used to enhance the performances of parts such as the resistance to wear, abrasion and high temperature, etc. or change the electric conductive or isolative properties of the parts’ surfaces, or to build up the undersized parts. At present, thermal spray is already recommended widely as the way for replacing chrome plating.

The thermal spray coating processes differ mainly in the types of thermal energy applied, but they also varied with the forms of sprayed materials being used (e.g. powder, wire and rod) and the flying velocity of molten particles, and although each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages, some of them can be optimized for certain types of coatings and applications.

Up to now, the thermal spray technology has the following processes available:

· Flame spray

· Arc spray

· Plasma spray (incl. atmosphere controlled plasma spray)

· HVOF (high velocity oxygen and fuel spray) or HVAF(high velocity air and fuel spray) 

· Detonation spray

· Cold spray

UCT is committed to providing thermal spray system, peripheral equipment, material and coating development all under one roof. At UCT, we provide our customers not only with the thermal spray products, but also the value and expertise on how thermal spray can help.

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