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Torch rotation device - Rotorch

The torch rotation device (Rotorch) developed by UCT is a unique device that can manipulate the spraying torch to rotate continuously in an ID part in 360 degree to perform the coating overlay of its internal surface. This device can significantly enhance the capabilities of various thermal spray torches in providing continuous rotation spraying of the ID parts which are either too heavy to be rotated or not rotationally symmetrical.

Rotorch device can attach various spraying guns inclusive of flame, arc, HVOF and plasma. The size of the ID that Rotorch can suit depends on conditions of the part itself, the gun size and spraying process. UCT can provide tailor-made Rotorch which has the capability to realize continuous rotation spraying for the parts of internal diameters from as small as 38mm to as big as 2 meters or even larger based on the customers’ engineering needs.

Rotorch is especially suitable for spraying parts like the cylinder bores of automotive engines, the transition ducts, compressor casings, and combustion liners of aerospace and land based gas turbines, either individually or massively. 

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Torch rotation device - Rotorch
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