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Lathe for thermal spray

The lathe, usually for clamping and rotating cylindrical part with long length, is commonly used in the thermal spray applications. Usually, when spraying a long cylindrical part which beyond the arm reach of a general 6-axis robot, a travelling robot, namely a standard 6-axis robot like ABB IRB2600 on a track motion usually be set parallel to the lathe to fulfill the spraying job as a combination. 

UCT’s lathe is designed to facilitate the spraying of cylindrical parts in a cost-effective and efficient manner. The lathe is equipped with a servo motor to guarantee the precise rotation speed (RPM), together with the consistent gun moving from the gun manipulator (usually a linear axis manipulator or a robot on track motion provided by UCT) and programmable control system with user friendly touchscreen that can be used to customize the gun's speed, rotation RPM and distance from the part, the optimal amount of material, reducing waste and highest coating accuracy can be achieved. The UCT lathe is perfect for any type of part requiring a uniform coating, such as shafts, roll, rod and ball valve, and is an invaluable tool for manufacturers looking to improve their production efficiency and product quality.

UCT can also provide dual-purpose lathe, which can be used for both long cylindrical part and smaller part sprays. See pic on the right.

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Lathe for thermal spray
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