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Spray booth

Thermal spray processes often generate a lot of dust and noise, which not only pollutes the environment, but also poses a threat to the safety and health of operators. To ensure safety, health, and environmental protection in industrial operations, it is now common practice to install a thermal spray acoustic booth to separate the dust, arc light, and noise from the operation area.

In the past years, UCT has accumulated a wealth of experience through its turnkey thermal spray system installations, including a variety of know-hows and detailed techniques applied to the acoustic spraying booth.

A well-designed and crafted thermal spray booth not only provides qualified noise isolation but also greatly improves the overall efficiency of the production and even the thermal spray process due to its efficient dust and gas ventilation. UCT has the capability to incorporate the acoustic booth into the complete coating cell layout and installation, creating a fool-proof engineering product for our customers. In addition, UCT's strong automation capabilities allow the booth to become an integral part of a fully automatic thermal spray line.

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Spray booth
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