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Cold spray

By investing in high pressure cold spray system PCS-1000 made by Plasma Giken of Japan, UCT can realize three-shift spraying operation a day. In the meanwhile, UCT is pleased to cooperate with institutions or companies in the development of cold spray applications.

Only high pressure cold spray system can spray the materials shown in the table below:

Au NiCr Ti
Ag Ni Ti-6Al-4V
Al Stainless Steel Inconel718
Al-bronze Zn MCrAlY
Cu Sn Monel


Applications of high pressure cold spray including:

  • Spray metal on metal to create a formation of different or same metals, such as spray Nickel on Aluminum or spray Nickel on Nickel;
  • Repair of parts in aero engine and gas turbine;
  • Rapid manufacturing of parts in electrical power facility;
  • Sputtering targets;
  • Repair and remanufacturing of some metallic and alloy parts;
  • Repair of mould copper plate;
  • Cookware;
  • Semi-conductor parts;
  • Repair of auto parts;
  • Superconductor motor;
  • Repair of helicopter gearbox;
  • Implant;
  • Ship parts;
  • Others……


Cold spray
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