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Detonation spray

UDS-200, a Universal Cumulative Hi-frequency Detonation Spray System developed by United Coatings Technology Co., Ltd. is a unique thermal spray tool that creates the new era of the industry. 

Advantages of UCT’s Detonation Spray Coating  

· The impact created by the detonation propels the particles up to a high velocity of 1,500m/s, achieving a bonding strength of 100-500MPa, a porosity of less than 0.15%, and a hardness of WC-10Co-4Cr reaching HV 1380, which is superior to the coating sprayed by Air Plasma and HVOF.

· A wide range of materials can be sprayed including metal, alloy, cermet, composite, carbides and MCrAlY.

· With less thermal effects to substrate and less tensile stress within the coating.

· The detonation frequency of UCT’s new detonation spray system ranges from 10 to 30 times per second which is much higher than traditional D gun and can greatly improve the deposition efficiency.

· The impact of the particles upon hitting the surface of substrate is so strong that it can create intermetallic compound alloy along the interface, which is good for bonding.  

For more information about UCT’s detonation spray service, please contact our coating service salesmen by calling our Beijing Office: +86-10-52961188 ext. 889, toll free +86 400 818 9933, or email us: Our sales team will be there to provide technical advices and quotation proposal.


Detonation spray
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