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HVOF spray

HVOF utilizes confined combustion and an extended nozzle to heat and accelerate the powdered coating material. Typical HVOF devices operate at hypersonic gas velocities, i.e. greater than MACH 5. The extreme velocities provide the kinetic energy which helps to produce coatings that are very dense and very well adhered in the as-sprayed condition.

HVOF is typically used to deposit wear and corrosion resistant coatings on materials, such as ceramic and metallic layers. Common powders include WC-Co, chromium carbide, MCrAlY, and alumina. The process has been most successful for depositing cermet materials (WC-Co, etc.) and other corrosion-resistant alloys (stainless steel, nickel-based alloy, aluminum and hydroxyapatite for medical implants, etc.).

UCT’s plants are equipped with both gas fuel and kerosene fuel HVOF. With robot operation, laboratory coating tests and quality system management, UCT is committed to serve our customers with the highest coating quality.

For more information about UCT’s HVOF spray service, please contact our coating service salesmen by calling our Beijing Office: +86-10-52961188 ext. 889, toll free +86 400 818 9933, or email us: Our sales team will be there to provide technical advices and quotation proposal.


HVOF spray
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