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United Coatings Technology Co., Ltd. (UCT) is an enterprise specialized in thermal spraying in China. It had realized a great leap forward in Year 2015 by incorporating the entire thermal spray business of Langqiao Surface Technology Co., Ltd. founded in 1996 by the same owner, and developed into a comprehensive corporation engaging in thermal spray system, material, coating service and R&D under one roof. With its Headquarters located in its Beijing facility covering an operation area of over 10,000 sqm, UCT is now endeavoring to push forward the establishment of its branches in various provinces of China so as to serve the customers better in a localized manner.   

UCT can provide diversified thermal spray coating services including flame spray, twin-wire arc spray, plasma spray, HVOF spray, detonation spray and cold spray with its series of inhouse thermal spray systems, and can provide as-sprayed services like grinding and lapping in house on request. UCT applies robots on the daily thermal spray operations to guarantee safety, accuracy and efficiency, and can create automatic thermal spray solutions for large batch production by virtue of its strong capability in automation development.

UCT is not simply a thermal spray job-shop, it has been investing steadily in improving its R&D capability. With the high end laboratory instrument and Metcut certified lab staff, UCT can not only guarantee the optimum coating quality for the customers, but can also develop new coating solutions and applications for various industries. UCT is trying to do a better job for the customers by integrating its expertise and capabilities in thermal spray equipment and materials as well as coating and machining.

UCT has been consistently broadening and improving its technologies and operations in the field of Additive Manufacturing. Besides thermal spray, it also looks forward to the prospect of the processes like PTA, laser cladding, brazed cladding etc. UCT’s vision is to be the world leader in the Additive Manufacturing industry, and its mission is to be, and always be, the reliable partner of our customers. 

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