Thermal Spray Systems

“Under One Roof” reflects the core competitive strength of UCT in terms of the product line for thermal spray system, we have developed and created, through the joint efforts of the Company’s material and coating service departments, the thermal spray systems with assurance of high performance, reliability, versatility and first class services, as well as one-stop solution. Based on its in-depth understanding of the technology and the processes, UCT has manufactured its real professionalized thermal spray systems.

At present, UCT has the ability to manufacture Plasma, HVOF, Flame, Arc and Detonation spray systems. For the plasma, HVOF, flame and arc spray systems, we can provide both semi-automatic and fully-automatic versions, while for the cumulative pressure hi-frequency detonation spray system, namely, UDS-200, the fully-automatic version can be provided.

In addition, we can also supply handling and peripheral equipment for thermal spray systems including turntable, lathe, robot, track motion, spraying booth and dust collector etc., and can provide the integration, installation and automation services upon request.

Our mission is to be at the forefront of technological innovation and to deliver superior thermal spray system solutions with maximized cost efficiencies. To this end, we will strive to integrate all our resources and capabilities so as to provide our customers with professionalized and one-stop thermal spray system solution.

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