UCT Exported Several Ultra Long Heavy-duty Spraying Lathes
Date: 2021-11-12 13:24:14    Views: 1054

Beijing United Coating Technology Co., Ltd. produces both thermal spraying core equipment and thermal spraying peripheral equipment. Since acting as an agent for foreign equipment in 2002, the exploration and improvement of peripheral supporting equipment of UCT have never been interrupted. At present, the peripheral equipment of UCT has been exported to foreign countries for a long time, and the most exported in recent years is the rotating lathes system of spraying roller parts. The exporting countries include the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, India, Australia, Chile, Indonesia and so on. The thermal spraying lathe recently exported by UCT is characterized by super long physique and can clamp rollers more than 6m long. In addition, PLC control, integration with core spraying equipment and robot (or linear manipulator) are also required. UCT is honored to become one of China’s foreign money earner in the thermal spray industry and will continue to carry forward the craftsman spirit to build better thermal spraying equipment.

thermal spray lathe by UCT.jpg

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