UCT Delivers Fully Automated Titanium Pot Spraying Production Line
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As people explore the relationship between health and cooking utensils, what kind of frying pan should be used has increasingly become the focus of attention. There are many kinds of pots and pans on the market. Among them, Teflon nonstick pot has been clearly listed as class 2B carcinogen by the World Health Organization 20 years ago and has stepped down from the stage of history. Although the aluminum pot is light, the aluminum itself is suspected that the Al element migrated under the condition of high temperature of cooking will lead to Alzheimer's disease. The nickel contained in the stainless-steel pot is a heavy metal, which will lead to the risk of nickel migration when dry burning with some sour and salty dishes at more than 400 ℃. Compared with the above harmful products, there are some products beneficial to health. Among them, the iron pot contains the iron element required by the human body, so you can rest assured to use it. Titanium pot, which began to rise in the market after 2020, began to be highly praised by the market and soon became a hot product due to the affinity between titanium and human body and the charm aura of titanium metal itself.

The production of titanium pot adopts advanced thermal spraying technology. Its process requires not only stable process control, but also automatic operation, so as to complete mass production. Beijing United Coating Technologies Co., Ltd. can not only provide the most advanced and reliable plasma spray system in China, but also has a strong ability to build automatic production line. The coating line of UCT is customized for the needs of customers. The titanium pot continuous production system based on the carousel concept can realize that a single robot carries two spray guns spray two pot at the same time. After the two pots spraying is completed, the large turntable rotates at a certain angle, and the two small rotators with two new pots accurately enter the spraying position, and then two spraying guns starts spraying again, so as to realize the continuous production.

At present, the UCT has sold several sets of the automatic titanium pot spraying production line, and continuously produce the titanium pot products required by the market in the user's factory for 24 hours.

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