UCT Implements Anti-corrosion Coating on Blades of Steam Turbine
Date: 2022-05-02 13:07:17    Views: 149

Just after the Spring Festival in 2021, Beijing United Coating Technologies Co. ushered in a waterproof and corrosion spraying project for the last stage blades of a steam turbine. In a very short time, UCT team completed a full set of spraying works for customers and passed the rigorous inspection. This is the fifth set of final stage blade spraying project of steam turbine completed by UCT Beijing. Since 2018, the coating quality of the completed projects have been proved very functional and effective under the custom coating solution and UCT’s implementation standards.

联合涂层公司末级叶片防水蚀喷涂-3.jpg  联合涂层公司末级叶片防水蚀喷涂-2.jpg

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