UCT's Abradable Coating Powder Audited and Certified by Siemens as Alternative
Source: UCT    Date: 2017-11-16 12:40:35

The first-class local supplier is a must for providing much better services to the Chinese market as only in this way can the long-term interdependency with customers be established in the increasingly fierce future market competition through the provision of much faster services and much higher cost-performance ratio, while Siemens, as the world’s most respected company in 2017, undoubtedly took the lead in this respect.

Siemens sought to purchase abradable coating materials through Chinese local suppliers since 2016 to replace the expensive imported Metco320 and Metco601 which are not stable in delivery time, and asked UCT and another local manufacturer of thermal spray materials in Beijing to develop powder materials that can meet its technical requirements. Through one year’s efforts, Beijing UCT took the pleasure to be chosen as the only supplier of thermal spraying materials in China who passed the certification of Siemens headquarters in Germany. At present, UCT’s abradable coating powders, i.e. LF105 (used to replace Metco320) and LF109 (used to replace Metco601), have been applied in Siemens products across China. 


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