High Frequency Detonation Spray

UCT can provide UDS-200, a Universal Cumulative Pressure High Frequency Detonation Spray System and corresponding coating services in its plants located in China. The UDS-200 is a new generation of detonation spray system which can accumulate the detonation pressures of two chambers to generate supersonic impact wave that propels the powders to a high velocity up to 1200m/s. It can spray a wide range of powder materials including carbides; metal; metallic alloys such as MCrAlYs; and ceramics such as alumina-or yttria-stabilized zirconia and cermets, which are available in virtually any oxide/carbide/metallic ratio desired, and the coatings sprayed or impacted has the features of very low porosity and very high bonding strength.

The other highlights of the UDS-200 include its higher deposition efficiency which may be doubled or even tripled compared with HVOF when spraying with the same powder; its increased overlay efficiency compared with traditional D-Gun due to the high frequency of up to 50 detonations per second; and its easily controlled transferring process of heat to substrate due to the pulsing of the detonation spray.

To find a better coating solution, the UDS-200, a new generation of detonation spray system developed by UCT, will be your next choice.

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