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Robot off-line programming for grinding

Off-line programming of grinding manipulator

Description of automatic grinding system

The automatic grinding system provided by Beijing UCT is specially designed for surface grinding and polishing of various curved and non-curved parts. The grinding head and polishing machine can be changed according to different objects and processes to achieve different operations.

The system is equipped with a turntable that can be indextably positioned to change the posture of the workpiece, and it can coordinate with the robot to realize the grinding operation of the workpiece. It is also equipped with off-line programming software that can easily generate the grinding path and offline program of the manipulator and deploy and release them.

Off-line programming

The software platform of ABB RobotStudio is adopted for off-line programming. Through UCT’s development and application environment construction, functions such as on-line programming, off-line programming, trajectory simulation, program uploading & downloading and parameters configuration etc. can be realized by programming workstation to the robot. ABB RobotStudio has existed for many years but not been widely used in China due to the following two reasons:

I. there is no virtual programming environment completely consistent with the real environment,

II. for various surfaces and curved surfaces, manipulator trajectory cannot be directly generated.

After UCT’s development and application environment construction, the above problems are solved perfectly, and the programming efficiency and application level of the manipulator can be significantly improved.

Main features

3D environment construction of off-line programming

Digital definition of 3D mathematical model

Definition of tools

Definition and transformation of coordinate system

Automatic generation of motion trajectory of the manipulator according to the curved surface

Posture adjustment of the spray gun

Automatic configuration of shaft parameters

Off-line simulation

Deployment & releasing

For more information on UCT’s off-line programming of grinding manipulator, please contact us at 010-52961188 or via

Robot off-line programming for grinding
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