Professor Yongchang Jia of UCT Won Award of Outstanding Contribution
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On October 28, 2020, the 24th Annual Meeting of China Thermal Spraying Association opened in Yixing, Jiangsu Province. Although the COVID-19 had just passed, the number of attendees reached a new high of 320. As the sponsor of this conference, Beijing United Coating Technologies Co. (UCT) is greatly encouraged and excited that as a high-tech industry based on material science, China's thermal spraying industry is undoubtedly entering a stage of rapid growth.

At this meeting, Jia Peng, general manager and CEO of UCT, made a speech entitled "exploration of cold spraying equipment and process", which was positively evaluated by the participants. Professor Jia Yongchang, CTO of UCT, won the "Outstanding Contribution Award of China Thermal Spray" issued by Professor Huang Xiaoou, honorary chairman of China Thermal Spray Association and Professor Zhou Kesong Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering. The following is a brief introduction of Professor Jia Yongchang of UCT:

Professor Yongchang Jia, born in June 1938. He was admitted to Tianjin University in 1958, graduated from Tangshan Mining and Metallurgy College (today’s North China University of Science and Technology) in 1962. He worked for Beijing General Research Institute of Mining and Metallurgy and retired in 2000. the nation’s expert with special government allowance of the State Council, the former standing executive director of China Thermal Spraying Association, and now the senior consultant of Beijing United Coating Technology Co., Ltd. and Beijing Langqiao Material Technology Co., Ltd.

In his 50 years of scientific research career, Professor Jia Yongchang has been focusing on material R & D and technology promotion with thermal spraying as the core. He has participated in or presided over more than 20 national important research projects, obtained a number of scientific research achievements, and won one Recognition Award for important achievements of the national science and Technology Commission, three awards of the National Science Conference, one second prize of the national scientific and technological progress award, one second prize of the ministerial level award, three third prizes and three fourth prizes. In terms of thermal spraying materials, technology and application development, we have done a lot of pioneering research and made a series of important scientific research achievements. He has been sent to attend international thermal spraying conferences and technical exchanges for many times, published more than 80 relevant papers and published several volumes of translated works. It has laid a foundation for the start-up of China's thermal spraying industry and system. From 1985 to 1995, he was appointed as the Chinese agent of Metco, an internationally renowned thermal spraying company, and made a positive contribution to the promotion of international advanced thermal spraying technology in China.

In the long-term practice of thermal spraying, Professor Yongchang Jia has devoted great enthusiasm to the promotion and industrialization of thermal spraying technology in China. With his strong support, some Chinese thermal spray enterprises are growing up and under his active promotion, some production-oriented enterprises successfully transformed and finally developed into well-known enterprises in the field of thermal spraying in China.

Professor Jia Yongchang is good at the research and development of innovative thermal spray materials and processes. He is the first scientific and technological practitioner in China to apply the manufacturing method of flux cored wire to the manufacturing and systematic production of arc spraying wire, and the product performance is excellent in the field of anti-corrosion and wear resistance of power plant boilers in China, which makes the scientific research achievements blossom and bear fruit in practical application and makes the boiler tube spraying industry of power plant take off in China.

After retiring in 2000, on the basis of the successful launching of more than 10 kinds of arc spray wires pioneered in China, Professor Jia has successively launched unique products such as high deposition efficiency NiCr-Cr3C2 powder for HVOF, arc spray wire material for waste incinerator corrosion-resistant, high-temperature wear-resistant sealant for boiler tube, arc spray wire for paper mill dryer repairing, abradable coating materials, flame spray wire for ice melting coating for large aircraft wings, as well as high-performance electromagnetic shielding filler materials.


Professor Yongchang Jia


Zhou Kesong, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Huang Xiaoou, President of China Thermal Spraying Association, presented Professor Yongchang Jia with the China Thermal Spray Outstanding Contribution Award

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