Quality Management

It is UCT's policy to consistently delivering high quality products and services meeting or exceeding the expectations of our customers. Our quality management has been focused on the manufacturing of thermal spray materials and systems as well as the coating services provided. 

For Materials

UCT’s material manufacturing and production processes are ISO9001 certified. We have equipment and laboratory qualified for the testing of powder and wire products, and all of the products will be analyzed and tested in house before being delivered so as to ensure they are fully in accordance with the customers’ requirements.  

For Systems

UCT’s system manufacturing processes are also ISO9001 certified, we not only provide economic thermal spray systems but also high end fully automatic lines. And for all of the systems manufactured, we are firmly committed to providing state of the art quality with assurance of safety, reliability and repeatability.  

For Coating Services

UCT’s coating service processes are both ISO9001 and AS9100 certified, and with pride they are also certified by Siemens. And with high end coating systems and well equipped laboratory for testing of the coatings, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the top notch coating quality in China.

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