UCT Participated ITSC 2019 in Yokohama Japan
Date: 2019-05-29 12:58:00    Views: 489

Beijing United Coating Technologies Co. participated the ITSC Annual Conference held in Yokohama, Japan, in May 2019. During the exhibition, it was honored to have a photo taken with Professor Zhou Kesong, the Academician of CAE of China, and ex-director of Guangzhou Academy of Nonferrous Metals.

At this ITSC conference, as an exhibitor, Beijing United Coatings Technologies Co. exhibited the UC-1000P fully automatic plasma spraying system, UC-1000H HVOF system, UL series lathe, UT series turntable, rotary plasma spray gun mechanism, abradable coating materials that can replace Metco601NS, and aluminum clad nickel composite wire, that have been successfully applied in the Chinese market.


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