UCT Delivers a fully Automatic Kerosene HVOF Equipment
Date: 2019-09-02 12:24:15    Views: 515

Beijing United Coatings Technologies CO. (UCT) delivered a kerosene type High Velocity Oxygen and Fuel Spraying System (HVOF) to a steel mill customer in Hunan Province of China, signifies that UCT markets its fully automatic, closed-loop controlled high-end HVOF system UC-1000HL.

UC-1000HL’s control system is based on UC1000 thermal spray controlling platform, which is a fully automatic, high-precision, and multi-purpose thermal spray control platform of world's advanced level. Based on the deep understanding of thermal spray process, UC1000 integrates powerful spraying process stability and unparalleled operation convenience to provide customers with the best spraying quality and using experience.

The UC1000 system uses PLC to control the operation of the system. Through the graphical human-machine interface, the operator can easily input relevant process parameters or call the previous spraying recipe. The system can record and monitor the whole spraying process in real time. UC1000 is a real closed-loop control system. All process gas and powder carrier gas are digitally managed through advanced mass flowmeter to ensure high accuracy and repeatability of the spraying process.

UC1000HL complete kerosene HVOF system includes control module, gas module, powder feeder, kerosene HVOF gun, chiller, and hoses. All parts are connected in plug and pull mode to ensure accurate and convenient installation.

By configuring different software and hardware combinations, the UC1000 system can operate four different spraying processes: flame (including powder and wire), plasma, HVOF and detonation spraying. The built-in spray gun parameters system enables the system to adapt to various mainstream spray guns for operation under preset power limits. Thank to the concept of "platform", UC1000 system can accommodate more process and function options through future software and hardware matching and advance its technical progressiveness through continuous upgrading. Its function of process data digital output makes it possible to apply coating development by artificial intelligence (AI) measures.


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