Localization of Abradable Coating Powder 601 Realized by UCT per Request of Siemens
Source: UCT    Date: 2018-07-27 12:20:57

On July 18, 2018, Beijing UCT finally obtained the localization qualification of Siemens spray powder LF109 after over one year’s efforts in research & development. The abradable coating powder developed independently by UCT, an equivalent replacement of Metco 601NS, has passed through the testing of coating performances in Siemens laboratory Germany and been approved for their complete compliances with qualification criteria. Meanwhile, LF145 (substitute for AMDRY313), as the powder for base coat, was also approved by Siemens. The localization of spray powder by UCT will be helpful in further upgrading the powder making industry of thermal spray materials in China. 

LF109 is a kind of Al-Si- polyphenyl ester metal ceramic composite powder. Al-Si exists in the form of AlSi alloy, LF109-1 is the mixture of AlSi and polyphenyl ester, while LF109-2 is the polyphenyl ester being cladded at the core by AlSi. Al-Si polyphenyl ester are widely used as the low temperature sealing coating materials for engine, the coating can be used at the maximum temperature of 325 ℃ to 350 ℃, which can satisfy the demand of the low-pressure compressor with good and stable coating performance. Polyphenylene ester’s main functions include producing porosities, lowering coating hardness, improving the abrasion resistance during the coating’s manufacturing and using processes, while AlSi features good friction resistance and light weight, therefore, the AlSi -polyphenyl ester is a kind of ideal abradable sealing coating, particularly suitable for clearance control of the machine due to its high abradability, strong oxidation resistance under the working temperature as well as good resistance for thermal shock. LF109 is widely applied, especially in the applications such as aircraft engines, gas turbines and air compressors, etc.       

Beijing UCT has accumulated rich R&D experiences in aspects of fundamental theories, key technologies, production applications and others. And now, the localized application of Siemens spray powder has formally opened the door for the powder localized by us to enter the world.

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